Opening Ceremony: 14:00 on 14/02/2020

Open to visit: 09:00 – 16:00 from 15 – 21/2/2020 [Closed on Sunday 16/2] | 09:00 – 16:00 |

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No 12-13, N1 Street, KTM Nam, Tan Thuan EPZ, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, HCMc

The event ”Phong Khieu & Urban Sketcher” was held to honor the sketches and print works of departed architect – artist Khieu Xuan Phong

When he was still alive, he participated in many sketch exhibitions and events, and connect to many domestic and oversea companions. However, he still didn’t have a chance to widely share his work art to audiences. Take this chance, the Board of Representatives would like to introduce to the audience more than 50 original sketches, covering his journey from beginning to the love with the sketch of this talented artist. The 8 years of journey, starting with black and white sketch in the style of stenography and typical pen strokes. Continually practicing and learning about the art of sketching, Phong Khieu made significant progress through working on different materials: ballpoint pen, palm pen, watercolor painting.

With the spacious, formal and modern space at C space, visitor will own a chance to know and experience his vibrant childhood.There will be a sharing talk show where including POK’s documentary, portrait, working progress. From the first days of drawing with the sketch to the process of acting as the co-founder of Urban Sketchers Vietnam, then was one of the first people to bring the image of Vietnam urban to the world. His companion Vu Duc Chien said: “Phong is a caring, virtue person, an architect, an Urban Sketchers”

Phong Khieu’s sketch work will be displayed in terms of sharing and encouraging to the next generation. There are also various of artwork from well-known Vietnamese artist & architects such as Bui Tien Tuan, Ho Hung, Huynh Bao, Doan Quoc, Hoang Bao, Doan Anh Khoa, The Thong, … and more than 30 publications from the architecture University of Sketcher Team and the University of Science. The event will be organized by Urban Sketchers Vietnam, Pho Ben Doi, Designers Hub & C space.

Vietnam Urban Sketchers

Established in 2014, Vietnam Urban Sketchers was officially a member of the World Urban sketcher in 2016. A group of people with a love of urban sketching, nature, heritage, and art. Gathering together through on-the-spot drawing practical

Currently, the membership is about 4,000 people from all over the world, many of whom are Vietnamese citizens.

Operating continuously from 2014 to now, the group has shared thousands of sketch works on social media. Thereby, bringing the concept of sketching and heritage conservation closer to the public; at the same time to raise public awareness about the value of the environment in which they live.

Specifically, the group has organized vary community events under the topic of Sketch and urban conservation, the latest event can be mentioned:

2018: Accompanying Pho Ben Doi to organize the event “The 1st Journey of International Heritage Sketch” celebrating the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Da Lat

2019: Asia Link at Hanoi

2020: Accompanying Pho Ben Doi to organize the event “The second Journey of International Heritage Sketch”

About Pho Ben Doi

Pho Ben Doi is Vietnam’s first annual, inter- and multidisciplinary community art show sited in the Central Highlands of Dalat, Vietnam, with the goal of transforming Dalat into a unique cultural destination of Southeast Asia. Each show has a unique theme, reflected in participating artists, experts, and the content of parallel programming produced in collaboration with the renowned institutions and individuals of high caliber from diverse backgrounds and fields all around the world . Through contemporary art, community activities and tourism, Pho Ben Doi encourages and raises public awareness about urban heritage preservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

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