Nowadays, lighting solution does not only mean creating a well-lit space but rise the emotional & feeling to the people living in the space. In fact, there’re still so many people do not aware or might not know how to apply to the project. A thousand of product design of designers, architects which are unique, creative does not completely show their characteristic at all because of the low quality of light, wrong position lighting set up, lighting supplier,…How the home appliance can be affected by lighting? What is the role of architects in lighting solutions? Who should be in charge of the lighting set-up? All kinds of related questions will be answered at the “ Lighting with interior design “ talk show which is organized by CARA.

Address: CARA Lighting – C space  | 12-13 Duong N1, Khu TM Nam, KCX Tan Thuan, P. Tan Thuan Dong, Q.7, HCM City, Vietnam

Time: 3:00 PM, March 13, 2020

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