Environmental pollution and disease are the most serious issues that Vietnam is concerned about in the first months of 2020. More than ever, the design and selection of materials for construction works, in addition to aesthetic criteria and quality, environmental friendliness, and quality of life should be a top priority.

Since 1998, INAX has launched many products that meet this criterion called ECOCARAT. ECOCARAT is a decorative material from porcelain that can reduce odor and balance moisture significantly. Produced from natural clay-like minerals, ECOCARAT can “breathe” through countless small holes, eliminating the smell of toilets, food, cigarettes, and pets, minimizing harmful substances in the air such as formaldehyde and toluene. ECOCARAT can also maintain and control humidity at a comfortable level of 40-70%, prevents the spread of termites, mold, and helps the skin smooth. Currently, ECOCARAT series types have been present in many designs to help change both residential and public spaces in function as well as aesthetics.

With the desire to share and discuss more details about this ECOCARAT product, We would like to invite you to attend the seminar “ECOCARAT – Change your lifestyle”

At: 02:00 PM June 26th, 2020

Location: C space – Design Center

12-13 N1 Street, South Commercial Area, Tan Thuan EPZ, Tan Thuan Ward, District 7