With a desire to share the experiences in start-up & develop design & build company, The 3 architects Vo Tuan Kiet, Le Thanh Ty, Ngo Trung had worked together to organize the seminar “ Startup & develop a design and build company”

Topics sharing:

Arc. Vo Tuan Kiet: The process of start-up & develop design & build company

Arc. Le Thanh Ty: Architect personal branding

Arc. Ngo Trung: SKETCHUP application in design & build

The seminar suitable for:

  • The senior architect who are dreaming of starting up the design & build company
  • Interior designer/ Freelancer / Student

Date: 14:00 PM  – 17:00 PM, October 17/10/2020

Place: Conference room ( Floor 3 ) C space – Interior Center

Register link: https://bit.ly/ChiaSeCongTyDesignBuild