Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese brand specializing in the production of gypsum building materials, established for over 110 years.

With advanced manufacturing technology, product dimension in accordance with Japanese industrial standards (JIS standards), Yoshino plasterboard has been widely used in airports, buildings, hospitals, houses .. in Japan.

To meets the demand of “creating a comfortable and secure living space”, YOSHINO product lines bring various special features:

YOSHINO BOARD REGULAR:  The standard plasterboard with a grey surface

YOSHINO BOARD MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Consisting of water-resistant components. Designed to withstand high humidity environments for certain periods of time.

YOSHINO BOARD FIRE RESISTANCE: The core contains fiberglass with thermal insulation properties which increase heat resistance compare to Regular Board.

YOSHINO HI-CLEAN BOARD: A pink surface. It contains active chemical components that absorb formaldehyde and release the fresh air. Refresh the air from unhealthy factors such as cigarette smoke, wall painting,…

YOSHINO BOARD ULTRA LIGHT: The Plasterboard is reduced by 20% by weight compared to Regular Board. Easy to transport and install the ceiling frame, then increasing productivity.


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