Viet Stone Industry (VSI) was established in 2001, with the mission of connecting people with natural products, and serving the needs of customers domestically and internationally.

Over the past 20 years, VSI has been constantly searching for unique, high-quality natural stone sources, providing the market with sophisticated finishes, and meeting customers’ demands with our various surface solutions with a core value of “Elegant and Nature friendly!”

Main product lines of VSI:

  • Limestone – natural stone originating from Spain, bringing classic and luxurious value as in European palace

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  • Marble – has a history of millions of years from the rocky mountains around the world. Colors variety to meet the finishing requirements of each project.

  • Natural Clay&lime coating – High-tech surface coating product, a compound of extracted gypsum and sedimentary rock in Europe, super durable and environmentally friendly. The product has been used all over the world as an alternative to the traditional paint

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  • Sintered Stone: the product with the highest durability that modern production technology can achieve. Sintered rock is a mixed matrix of minerals that are heated (sintered) to form an impenetrable solid mass, creating a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or stained. Sintered stone is easy to clean and is free of any resin. Its structure is held together by heat and pressure, not by plastic, making it a healthier option than other man-made products.

Others finishing surface

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