“Kiến Trúc Nhà Đẹp” magazine successfully held an exchange and awarded the certificate of “Công trình tiêu biểu Bộ sưu tập Nhà Đẹp 2021” at C.space. Among 37 projects published from the issues of “Beautiful Architecture Magazine” in 2021, the Jury team voted 5 best works to award certificates according to specific categories.

1. Dream space – project No. 04 “Nook and Autumn in Hanoi”
– Design: Q.bi, Architects Group Cao Thuc Trinh, Do Quynh
– Construction: Ray Architect
2. Private place – building No. 06 “The green house on the hillside”
– Design: B.Spoke Studio – Architect Bao Vu and Architect Duong Le
– Construction: B.Spoke Studio
3. Solution – Project No. 04 “Communication and connection”
– Design: Risou Architect
– Construction: Risoucons
4. Style – project number 04 “Living alone without being lonely”
– Design: Story Architect
– Construction of the rough part: Le Thanh Vu Construction Company
5. Idea – Project No. 06 “Specially hollow, inside and out, letting go”
– Design: BHA Studio
– Construction: Anh Tu
The voting program “Công trình tiêu biểu Bộ sưu tập Nhà đẹp” for housing projects of “Kiến Trúc Nhà Đẹp” Magazine was held for the first time in 2017. And after 4 years of organization, the program has been held until now. has become an increasingly prestigious and quality exchange and connection activity, playing a big role in catalyzing the development of the Vietnamese housing environment, which is humane and sustainable.
C space congratulates the success of the ceremony & see you at other interesting events in the near future!
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