On 16-17/08/2022, the Workshop: Naturestful Place by The young architect’s community was successful happens at C.space – integrated Design Complex with energetic students that comes from a variety of architecture university in HCM.


At this event, busyness in the city, haven’t time for vacations in new peaceful places, side by side everybody will easy to going popular places with similar service. Nowadays in Vietnam, they have a new trend for the rest is finding a new place next the nature after a hard working day is an inspiration of topic: “Workshop: Naturestful Place – Architecture Build, Peace Created”

Is a group for architecture students, Kien Tre Group hope will introduce and share about concept and knowledge of resort housing space in the world, and in Vietnam had to join of 2 speakers:

Mr. Nguyen Thu Phong – Vice president of Vietnam Architecture Association

– Mr. Le Anh Duc – General Manager of HSSC Hospitality 

With sported by: C space – Interior Center and Design Hub

Workshop: “Naturestful Place” created by 2 words: “Nature” and “Restful”, by the mean is mixing beautiful nature and rest, Comfortable and Heal. The workshop has talkshow and quickly practiced the test with the team and was supported by architect masters. Students have communicated, shared, and connected with architectural information, culture, lifestyle, did paradigm,… Was doing the test together with the team.

However, had only 2 days to do an idea, but students always showed professionalism, intelligence, and creativity when they are working together.

Especially during the time of the event in C space, the students have the opportunity to see many material interiors from many quality brands in Vietnam and in the world to help them get more ideas to finish the test.


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