Jutec Corporation is a trading company specializing in distribution of construction materials with nearly 100 years of famous experience in Japan.
In addition, Jutec Corporation is also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
We are trusted to be one of the leading distributors providing quality building materials in Japan.
Jutec Corporation confidently brings comfort and richness to Vietnamese people through valuable products from Japan.

Product lines

  • Interior paint “Keisoudo” with natural ingredients “diatoms soil” effect against moss, balance the moisture, absorb unpleasant odors and VOC … safe for health.
  • Laminated film:
    – Thermal insulated glass film: effective against heat, against ultraviolet rays.
    – Anti-reflective image glass film: limiting the reflection of images / shadows through the glass, giving a clear view. Can be glued on 1 side or 2 sides on glass.
  • Light-insulated curtain: a special material with good thermal insulation, UV protection, helps to save the energy of the air conditioner and increase the light in the room.
  • Smart hanging strap: saving area, adjustable length of up to 4 m, maximum weight up to 10 kg, no looseness, overcome the situation of being stacked.
  • Smart water purifier: provide clean water, can drink directly, save cost.

Location: SR 203
Mr. Yamada (Japanese – English)
Phone number: +84 703 985 169
Email: kn.yamada@jtchd.jp
Ms. Tu (Vietnamese – English)
Phone number: +84 857 211 869
Email: huynh.thi.xuan.tu@jtchd.jp
Website: jutec-hd.jp

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